10 Reasons Why Childbirth Education is NOT a Waste of Time

May 11, 2011

Please listen to the connected Podcast it reviews many reasons why every expectant parent should take a class.  I did and I am trained in the field.

1. Meet other couples

2. Get your questions answered and be inspired to ask more questions once others do.

3. Partners can talk and ask about how one might have prepared or not.

4. Make friends in your same situation and maybe develope friends for your kids.

5. Have teacher teach you what you want to learn. 

6. Get real life examples and how you can practice or reherse at home.

7. Educating yourself about issues or decisions that might come up during your labor & birth will HELP you be more confident about it.

8. Preparing is a begining to parenthood.  You planned your wedding, plan your birth!

9. Every woman is different, each labor is different even with same mom/different kids, discussing different scenarios will help eliminate the unknown.  Thus helping to minimize fear.

10. Labor and birth are NOT pain free, no matter your plan.  Why not get some techniques in your birth bag to do at home or while in the hospital while you progress to Active Labor.  (if you don't know what Active Labor is, you should take a class)

Instructors are trained in many ways, two major general institutions train them.  ICEA & CAPPA.  Most hospital instructors are trained and required to be certified.  Hospitals have policies and procedures to abide by, so the classes can be limiting.  Private instructors, in a personal or group setting can get to know you and your needs a little better.  The classes tend to be smaller vs. hospital classes can be 20-35 couples.

Choosing a Private Instructor is a good way to go to get more of a personal experience.


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